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How to Adjust to a CPAP Machine

You’ve been prescribed a CPAP machine. Chances are, you’re wondering how, exactly, you’re supposed to sleep with it on. Here’s our best advice for getting comfortable using your machine.
Jul 12th, 2021

How to Prevent an Asthma Attack

An asthma attack can be a frightening experience. Preventing attacks when possible is better than relying on rescue inhalers. Here are a few tips that may help you avoid your next attack.
May 19th, 2021

Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer

If you’re a smoker or former smoker, or if you’ve been exposed consistently to second-hand smoke, you may be concerned about your risk of developing lung cancer. Here are the symptoms you should watch out for.
Apr 7th, 2021

What Is COPD and Who Is At Risk?

COPD is a complex diagnosis. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with COPD, or told you’re at risk of developing it, you probably have some questions. Here’s what you need to know.
Feb 17th, 2021

Common Causes of Restless Leg Syndrome

Experts believe that 7-10% of Americans may have restless leg syndrome (RLS). RLS can cause exhaustion during the day and can affect your moods, and is linked to numerous serious health conditions. Here’s what we know about the causes of RLS.
Jan 20th, 2021

Recovering from COVID-19

It’s difficult to know what recovery from COVID-19 looks like. So it’s best to do everything possible to reduce your risk of getting COVID-19 and to work closely with your health care team if you do get it.
Dec 3rd, 2020

February Heart Month

This month, we take a look at what the heart does for the lungs and how to keep both healthy.
Feb 15th, 2023